As a global city, Brussels is home to a wide diversity of musical repertoires played by people who migrated here recently or long ago, from nearby or far away. How are these styles of music evolving, changing and being transmitted in the capital of Europe?

Following a first edition dedicated to women’s music (2018), the ‘festival des musiques migrantes à Bruxelles’ was renamed BRuMM in March 2019 to celebrate ‘strings in springtime’. In 2020, the festival will give pride of place to ‘rites of spring’.

With La Villa, Le Senghor and La Maison de la Création, in association with the ULB, CBAI and Jeunesses Musicales – Bruxelles, La Concertation invites you to find out more this year about rituals celebrating the arrival of spring.

Frequently confined to intimate circles, these types of music (and the musicians who perform them) are often doubly invisible, given their double alterity. However, whether they are professionals or amateurs, these musicians are often the bearers of a rich and specific heritage!

What is more, like all musical heritage, these traditions have been profoundly altered by migration, globalisation and contact with other forms of music, in an ongoing dynamic of enrichment and mutual exchange. After all, music is both the bearer and producer of identities, social bonds and meaning. Musical traditions are alive and constantly evolving.

Enjoy the journey of discovery!

The March 2020 programme having unfortunately had to be cancelled following Covid-19, the events that could not take place were rescheduled in November.
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