Castrum is a socio-artistic project that draws inspiration from Brussels and talks about Brussels from within Brussels. Its name has been provisional for a long time and, as often happens, provisional names gradually end up becoming definitive.

In order to make good use of the material collected in the MURS MURS – mobile cultural centre project, run by LAC in 2015 and 2016, LAC, its members and the artists of Compagnie Les Nouveaux Sauvages aim to appropriate and interpret this material to transform it into artistic work. However, this is only the beginning of the artistic project. Enriched by artists’ residencies run by various structures that are members of the LAC network, the material includes information drawn from various joint analyses of the field covered by the cultural centres in Brussels and the areas of operation and activity of the associations’ structures, in their capacity as structures that are members of LAC, in addition to the research and exploration work done by the company of artists.

It is an artistic and cultural project aimed at extracting value from the analysis work done jointly at local and regional level and the reintegration of the field in Brussels by comparing the existing information to current points of view. The entire project will take place in four main stages: analysis of the existing material, comparison to the current situation, creative reinterpretation, and distribution that prioritises the LAC network but also includes small venues in Brussels (bars, restaurants, public spaces, residents’ homes etc.). The main aim of the project is to make it possible to restore an overall, slightly misaligned artistic vision of Brussels, simultaneously provoking questions from everyone about living and acting together in Brussels.