EXTATIC is an artistic laboratory that explores difference, normality and the place occupied by disability in art. It is a collection of several weeks of exhibitions, concerts, plays, workshops and encounters, featuring practices by creators with a disability.

EXTATIC will be held at several cultural venues in Brussels, which are occupied for the duration of the festival by specialised artistic structures from Belgium and abroad, all of which are engaged with these issues and convinced of the need to commit to the ambition of coming together and broadening the conversation.

The project brings together the following partners:

  • La Concertation ASBL – Action Culturelle Bruxelloise
  • La Maison de la création
  • Le BRASS
  • Le Jacques Franck
  • La Maison des Cultures de Saint-Gilles
  • Le Créahm – Bruxelles
  • La Tour à Plomb

Keep your eyes open! EXTATIC invites you to visit from 28 October to 13 December 2020.
The [FR] full programme is available here, and on the [FR] event’s Facebook page.