Previously known as ‘green for go’, the Reflection and Dialogue Days or JRC (Journées de Réflexion en Concertation) are spaces for the members of the LAC network to meet and reflect. They aim to encourage multidisciplinary debate, the initiation of common dynamics, the creation of tools for reflection and shared action in order to come up with concerted strategies for intervention in the field.

The subjects are put forward by LAC bodies or suggested by groups of members according to the current situation in the socio-cultural and artistic sector in Brussels and in line with the current events at national and international level. External experts who intervene from outside the LAC network may contribute to and/or enrich the conversation at these meetings. Depending on the theme tackled, certain members of teams are sometimes called to the meetings to contribute their perspective as cultural professionals who offer rich experience in the field.

The JRC lasts at least half a day and, if appropriate, it can be extended over several days according to a programme determined in advance. The JRCs area always held in early spring and early autumn and, in general, two are scheduled per year.