La Concertation ASBL – Action Culturelle Bruxelloise is an overarching network that brings together organisations in the socio-cultural and artistic sector in the Brussels Region. Among them are twelve cultural centres, our founding members.
Since 2017, we have been expanding in order to better reflect the immense wealth of human collectives working within our society. Our association aims to use this process to build bridges between these different stakeholders while upholding the key principle of our platform: to be a regional structure, an overarching network and a unique representative of reality in Brussels.
Our association is based on the conviction that the many organisations in the socio-cultural and artistic sector in Brussels share values and issues specific to the urban environment in which they are evolving. As a network, we therefore aim to:

  • stimulate the exchange of points of view and experiences among our members on the issues at stake in socio-cultural and artistic activity in Brussels and the specificity of this activity;
  • respond to societal and institutional changes by supporting all policies aimed at bringing people together and including all groups in a society where individuals are increasingly confronted by a dehumanisation of relationships and growing standardisation;
  • develop shared action plans aiming to defend the specific features of the Brussels Region by providing liaison and support for projects run jointly by network members and other socio-cultural and artistic groups working in Brussels;
  • contribute to the distribution of information about the socio-cultural and artistic sector and the specific features of the Brussels context that benefit from improved social cohesion.

Thus La Concertation ASBL’s mission is to define and develop transversal axes of activity that respond to the issues at stake in the specific dynamics of the Brussels Region and, more widely, throughout the country and beyond.
To fulfil our missions, we take particular care to guarantee:

  • our development as a platform, especially by the creation of the network;
  • implementation of the cultural outreach workshop;
  • positioning based on cultural action, specifically focused on partnership and cooperation;

The working dynamics are committed and complementary. They open up perspectives for local cultural development scaled to suit the whole Brussels area in view of promoting and developing cultural rights, including the right to participate in cultural life.