In order to guarantee its ability to fulfil its missions, LAC has obtained financial support through an agreement with the French Community Commission (COCOF) for a period of 5 years starting on 1 January 2018 (Decree 2017/1201 by the COCOF Board). The multi-year action plan, divided into an internal and external section, aims to achieve the following principal missions:

  • Facilitate in-depth discussions on the issues at stake in socio-cultural and artistic activity in Brussels and the specificity of this activity;
  • Respond to societal and institutional changes;
  • Support all policies aimed at bringing people together and include all groups in a society where individuals are increasingly confronted by a dehumanisation of relationships and growing standardisation;
  • Initiate and empower all activities aimed at dissecting and interrogating the concept of identity in order to move beyond clichés and prejudices towards better social cohesion in a future that is still to be built;
  • Defend the specific features of Brussels City and Region by providing liaison and support for projects run jointly by its members and other socio-cultural and artistic groups working in Brussels.

LAC has also been entrusted with setting up a cooperative project between the 13 cultural centres in Brussels in the context of the Decree on Cultural Centres of 21 November 2013. Formally run by Saint-Gilles cultural centre, Le Jacques-Franck, this project brings together all the members of LAC, accredited cultural centres and associations, in order to:

  • Consolidate the cooperative dynamics inside and outside the network at regional level in the Brussels Region;
  • Support collective activities through the CAP (Council for Activities and Projects), specifically proposals for new shared projects;
  • Strengthen the network’s role as a bearer of cultural rights at regional level and in its task of building a cultural compass for a shared analysis of the terrain to orient choices of action at regional scale in the Brussels region;

The Coopération culturelle bruxelloise (Brussels cultural cooperation) begins on 1 January 2020 and will run for a period of 4 years.

Since 2019, LAC has also been supported by the Maribel Social Fund to employ two full-time equivalent staff.

[FR] Read the COCOF multi-year agreement.

[FR] Read the Brussels cultural cooperation (FWB).