2020: La Concertation becomes the management body of the Brussels Cultural Cooperation, supported by the cultural Centre Le Jacques Franck and the other members of its network, and recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

2018: the French Community Commission (COCOF) becomes the La Concertation’s main subsidising authority by means of a multi-year agreement signed for a five-year period.

2017: After more than ten years of activity, the Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois changes its articles of association to become La Concertation ASBL – Action Culturelle Bruxelloise, a development reflecting a desire for openness and inclusion in order to respond better to the challenges of cultural development at regional level.

2011: the Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois signs a multi-year agreement with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, an agreement that was subsequently prolonged by amendment until 31 December 2017.

2010: ASBL status enables the Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois to apply for one-off support from the French Community Commission (COCOF).

2005: The network makes efforts to share the points of view and experiences of its members on challenges affecting the sector and to unite behind various campaigns and specific issues.

The network grows as the months pass, based on the conviction that beyond the cultural centres’ individual missions, the cultural centres of Brussels share values and issues specific to the socio-cultural and economic environment in which they are evolving, specifically the Brussels Capital Region’s metropolitan status that is so distinct in an urban geography on the scale of Belgium.
La Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois thus affirms its status as a platform that enables cultural centres in Brussels to exchange views – especially on the issues linked to cultural policy in the Brussels region – rather than merely a network.

2000: The Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois, or ‘consultation forum for cultural centres in Brussels’, is created in the autumn as a de facto association by the organisers and directors of nine cultural centres in Brussels accredited by the French Community.
The objective of the Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois, as defined at the time, was to create a space for meetings and reflection between the organisers and directors of the various cultural centres in Brussels, to work out proposals for campaigns and intervention strategies and to spread information relating to the cultural centre sector and to the specificities of the situation in Brussels.
Thus the Concertation des Centres Culturels Bruxellois also aimed to be a place where field observations could be analysed in order to convey proposals to the centres and to government bodies.
In December 2000, the association also created a coordinating body for itself in order to complete the important task of formalising the network. This resulted in it becoming a non-profit organisation (ASBL) in April 2005, with full legal personality.