The team of La Concertation consists of 3 permanent staff. Find out more about them below.

Lapo Bettarini, director

‘I was born in Florence in Italy, in 1976, and I have always been torn between fierce scientific and intellectual curiosity on the one hand and social and cultural commitment on the other. As a researcher and professor of physics and astrophysics, I have travelled and worked almost all over the world (in Europe, China, the United States etc.), in dynamic and multicultural environments. After several years in the Belgian scientific community, I decided to re-immerse myself in active commitment to the non-profit, cultural, social and political arena in order to imagine, plan and help to build a ‘different’ world, or at least to try.’

Francesca Magagni, animator – project manager

‘After a degree in political science and a specialisation in cooperation and development in Italy, I have always felt nourished by the artistic and cultural expressions of the cities where I have lived and their specific fabric of non-profit organisations. Since I arrived in Belgium in 2012, I have been able to develop socio-cultural leadership and intercultural outreach techniques by implementing projects that focus on the individual and the encounter with the other, in all their richness and complexity.’

Lara Lalman, animator – project manager

‘From my childhood in Wallonia to my current life in Brussels, the performing arts have fed and encircled my path through life as a citizen, student, volunteer and worker. Since 2001, I have been building up a career in the field of sexual and reproductive health, at the crossroads of social welfare, health promotion and lifelong learning. Organising and managing projects in these sectors, which I approached very early on from a feminist perspective, has anchored my attachment to creativity as a force for social change and for individual and collective empowerment. Culture is good for your health!’